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"I could stay a while but sooner or later I'll break your smile. and I can tell a joke but one of these days I'm bound to choke." ©

the question isn't who am I the question is where am I.

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✱ Pyoji's habit of taking Taeil's side when the band teams up

I think I am loved by many fans in recently. Especially, I recall “battle legend” period and feel like this “Why fans understand to my needs?” when they give me some presents. So I always say “thank you our pretty fans”.” - Hyosung.

Zodiac personality traits


  • Aries: real ass bitch but too damn proud
  • Pisces: cool ass bitch
  • Leo: arrogant/hypocritical hoe
  • Cancer: chill as fuck
  • Sagittarius: emotional 
  • Virgo: whiny ass bitch
  • Capricorn: fake ass two faced bitch
  • Aquarius: insecure
  • Libra: sketchy as hell
  • Scorpio: real ass bitch 
  • Taurus: fuckin rude ass self centered bitch
  • Gemini: that one hoe that always look lost

Block B through the years.

Thank you very much to CEO Kim Gyuwook who made it possible for us to stand on stage again. Chairman Jongdong, you go through a lot to always give us awesome PR.  President Lee Soomyung, your back must have bent out of shape because we always trouble you, so I hope it straightens out. Thank you to all the staff members who worked hard for our sake, and to Father God. Lastly, to our BBC! We really wouldn’t be standing here if we didn’t have BBC. Let’s always be together, BBC! We’ll become a Block B who grows better with this prize! Thank you everyone!
140814 Block B #1 @ M Countdown || 131013

POST FIVE RANDOM THINGS ABOUT YOURSELF PASS IT ALONG TO 10 RANDOM PEOPLE (not passing to anyone you guys can do it if you like)

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