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unplanned hiatus. idk. college sucks.

"I could stay a while but sooner or later I'll break your smile. and I can tell a joke but one of these days I'm bound to choke." ©

the question isn't who am I the question is where am I.

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What Jaehyo said is like..a play with words.

He’s spelling out something along the lines of ‘die’ and the last one is ‘shut up’

so r00d ;_;

remember when u-kwon used to greet bbcs on twitter with honey morning and honey night (using the 굴/꿀 thing)… I’m pretty sure he mentioned this earlier this year? during their concert

  • Jaehyo [tweet]: If you don't want to make regrets, move while you want to do it and while you still can.
  • Zico [replied]: Then why are you on my bed for half the day, without moving an inch?
  • Jaehyo: Your bed is at the center of our dorm's wi-fi zone.