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Your night out with guys from Block B

jaehyo takes me out but then bbomb sends me a drink but oh no jaehyo flirts with me (“I was here first bitch”) and then I’m like so done with them I dance with kyung before getting drunk with p.o and then I wake up next to zico lol what a night


[SCAN] STARAZ Magazine Vol.17, May Edition - Block B

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attaque asked:
O vídeo da 7sea não está aparecendo nas pesquisas porque eles não colocaram o espaço entre o nome do grupo > Block B(블락비). Já vi muita gente reclamando também. :/

mas se fosse por isso Very Good também não apareceria D: também tá “Block B(블락비)”. e mesmo assim quando cê pesquisa aparece em 1º. qualquer que seja o problema só queria que a 7s resolvesse logo :/ foda né desviar as views. (e oi cê fala português oi lol)

Anonymous asked:
A lot of the views are going to the CJENMMUSIC Official channel because, at least for me, that is the first thing that comes up when you search "Block B Jackpot." The video doesn't even come up for "seven seasons" channel at all (at least not on the first page)...

yeah, it’s the same for me, the official channel doesn’t show up. I saw blockb_area complaining about the same thing, that 7s probably didn’t put tags in the video or something… and that’s why we should try even harder to increase the views on sesea’s channel, since people from outside the fandom will be watching it on cjen’s channel. but still, cjen has just 500k views as well :( it’s not much… sighs.

you’re all watching the MV, right?

guys, the views are going so slow… I get that asia has a lot more in their hands rn to worry about this kind of thing, but let’s try to do something on our own for now, shall we? :(

watch the MV as much as you can.

(and by watch I don’t mean you should keep watching, just let it playing on another tab)

you could also add the video twice in a playlist and put that playlist on replay.

also like, comment and share the MV.

we have some time before they start promoting, so shouldn’t we use that in our favor? let’s do this!

(I’ve been told sites such as listenonrepeat won’t help increase the views, but I don’t really know. do as you wish)

Anonymous asked:
Maybe the gambling scene might also have something to do with the company "gambling away" the money that the artists earned (like Stardom using Block B's missing wages to promote EvoL, even though they clearly didn't know how to promote them properly)?

that’s almost the same thing jjungwook said^^ like, they didn’t know how to manage the money. which is close to what I said about the girl not agreeing with how they “played” but you guys understood the scene better than I did, I think haha went into more details. so yeah, I agree with what you’re saying :D